The religion of Islam

The religion of Islam was first spread in Kerala through the people who came for trade with the east. During that period the society in Kerala was characterised by the Caste system, untouchabality and all other evils. The muslim traders who came to India during this period were real muslim who understood the true spirit of muslim culture and they practiced it in their life. Their honesty, truthfulness and the best behaviour attracted so many Keralites towards them.

It is the compulsory duty of a muslim to spread the message of Islam to the people and to the places where it has not yet reached. The muslim traders who came to Kerala understood this and they undertook the responsibility of introducing the religion of Islam to the people of Kerala.

So many people who heard their teachings and saw their noble way of living attracted towards Islam and they embraced this religion. The King of Cranganoor was attracted in the teaching of Islam. He embraced Islam and provided all the facilities to the muslim traders who came to his country.