The people gradually began

In course of time, the people who came to Kerala were dead and the muslim suffered due to the lack of proper leadership from reputed and real muslim leaders. The people gradually began to move away from the real teachings of Islam, its culture and way of life. As a result, so many evils of polytheism like the worship of the grave, individuals – dead and alive, natural forces etc. started. So many new traditions like celebrating birthday, death anniversary, etc. which are strictly against Islam also emerged among muslims. Due to the ignorance, people began to abandon the copulsury deeds of Islam like five time prayers,fasting, zakaat, haj, etc. were forgotten and they abondoned the holy Quran and Hadith which are the true messages of Islam. They began to run behind so many unauthentic books which were written to praise great people who were dead. Gradually people began to pray through the songs and poems written in praise of them. They beleived that they can attain success and salvation in other life through these types of deeds. The leaders of the soceity and the preist tried to exploit the people who were following the blind beliefs.

During this period there were scholars in Kerala, who were really pained in the conditionof the muslim society and they wanted to revive the muslims to thier old pride and prestige. they tried for the reformation of the society on the basis of Islamic principles.