The King of Cranganoor

It is the compulsory duty of a muslim to spread the message of Islam to the people and to the places where it has not yet reached. The muslim traders who came to Kerala understood this and they undertook the responsibility of introducing the religion of Islam to the people of Kerala.

So many people who heard their teachings and saw their noble way of living attracted towards Islam and they embraced this religion. The King of Cranganoor was attracted in the teaching of Islam. He embraced Islam and provided all the facilities to the muslim traders who came to his country.

The lower caste, who were under privileged and were faced to do all kinds of services to the upper class were really releived because of their entrance to Islam. This is because there is no class, caste or colour difference in Islam. Islam treats all equal, thus they retained their pride and prestige by embracing Islam. They got the freedom to pray, to sit and dine together. They got the freedom to marry from rich and poor family. Those people who embraced Islam understood the value of the Faith in One God and they began to shed all the local gods they have been worshipping so far. They understood the significance of monotheism.