Indian islahi Centre

Indian islahi Centre, U.A.E. was established in the early 1980s; Dubai as its headquarters. The formation of this organisation helped all Salafi scholars, who were doing their services independently, to come together and work in an organised manner. Later branches were formed in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and various other places in the U.A.E. Now it has branches in all emirates of the U.A.E.

Islahi Centre aims to renovate the Muslims so as to attain eternal success; right from the basics of self-discipline, through family life, to a model society. Along with persuading a pure religious life, Islahi Centre encourages people to learn, to educate and to achieve heights in material life. These organisations, also known as Salafi centres or Ahle Hadith, work for the educational and intellectual development of muslims and for the upliftment of the present position of muslim women folks. They also work to produce very eminent scholars to oppose vehimently all the attacks coming against Islam from the beleivers and non-believers.

Islahi Centre does not support terrorism in any kind or act. Islam means Peace and Muslim means to submit to the Will of God. The highest form of Jihad is Jihad-un-nafs (Jihad against Self).