Quran and Fiqah classes are conducted every week under all branches of the centre in the U.A.E.
Speech before Juma Prayers (the Khuthubah or Juma Cermon) is conducted in Malayalam (mother tongue of Keralites) in the mosques of Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Dhaid.
Translations of the Khuthubah into Malayalam are done in the mosques of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Quran Learning Course is conducted for adults who could not learn Holy Quran in their younger years.
Quran, Hadith and other learning classes are conducted for ladies and gents separately.
Religious schools are conducted to impart Islamic teachings to the young muslim students.
Helps find job for the unemployed through the Employment Bureau functioning at the Islahi Centre.
Centre also provides financial support to the poor and needy in India as well as in U.A.E. through its relief activities.
The Islamic Studies text-books, STUDIES IN ISLAM , followed in the expatriate schools in the U.A.E. are prepared, printed and published by the Indian Islahi Centre, U.A.E. are accepted as text-books for Islamic Studies in Europe, Asia,and in the Middle East.
The audio cassettes with the complete translation of the Holy Quran prepared by the centre is widely accepted by the Indian Expatriates.